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To what extent

banished the elements,

one who dwells beyond the realm.


Law shattered, breaths the deity

and man indulges.


Grip on head, lingers,

self reveals the details

of parallel lines

thru which dots reveal self.


Blood is ink

Paper is flesh


Pharaoh itches with the crave

for blazing the world.

Tribes graze upon earth,

the wise wonder

for the yonder.


whispers of repetition fade…


81 Colored Cards

individually illustrated

with text beneath

1 cover jacket

dual sided


350 gr paper

american bristol

light touch laminated

There now lingers a sparking mist.


Mist that carries clouds above ages,

Epochs of religions clash;

forgetful societies,

ambushing inter-galactic sentinels

and so on…

lines, circles, dots


all condemned under

the rule of law.


Eons pass;

Law shatters, breathes the deity

And myth evolves…


To what extent

tides of time vanish,

through the one who dwells

beyond the realm?


Only cards can tell.

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